This is a free walking tour project by family volunteers. Well trained family volunteers will guide Korea local culture and life for you with a good hospitality. Every themed course was designed by familly volunteers themselves and they will lead you with stories that are hidden behind the alley of Seocho.


- Individual or group tour within 10 people

- 2-3 hours walks and experience (included calligraphy experience)

- Date and time can be scheduled

- Culture, history and different selective themes


Yangjae Course (History & Park)

Yangjae stationg > Maljuk Street > Citzens Park > YunBonggil Memorial Hall > Yangjae Station

Han-river Course (Riverside Walk)

Express Bus Terminal > Sevit Island > Seoul Night Market > Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain

Seocho Course (Culture & Forest)

Nambu Terminal > Umyeon Mountain > Daesung Buddhist Temple > Seoul Art Center

Bangbae Course (History & Tradition)

Bangbae Subway Stn. > Tomb of the Pince Hyoryeong > Traditional Teahouse > Namseong Traditional Market


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